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Garage Door Servicing & Parts

The door and the opener are obvious parts when looking at a garage.  However, there are many parts that need to be maintained and replaced to elongate the lifespan of your garage doors and opener

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The torsion cables wrap around the drum when the door is lifting.  When your cables age and wear they can snap or wrap around the drum incorrectly and halt your door.  Please do not touch because these are all interconnected.  Please call us and we will help you.


Rollers move the door along the garage door track and allow it to raise and close uniformly.  Broken rollers can cause the door to get stuck on the track, can make noises and can even cause the door to fall.  Please do not touch the rollers because you could cause more damage.  Call us and we will be happy to help.

Torsion Cables

The torsion cables connect the door to the torsion springs system.  If these are broken the door will not move.  These can snap and are very high strength please do not touch if you suspect something is awry with your torsion cables.  Contact us with any questions

Bearing Plates

These plates hold the bar that, in turn, holds the torsion springs. These plates can
bend which lessens their strength and then affects the integrity of the springs and


Without springs the door will not go up. Springs carry the weight of the door and
allow the opener (or human) to lift the door. If you think your springs are broken,
please do not run your motor because you can cause more damage and cause your
motor to burn out. The motor cannot open the door without the springs carrying
the door. Springs are very dangerous because of the high torsion, please call us and
we will be happy to help.

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