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Our Professional Garage Door Service

We provide superior quality

Because every customer matters to us. We are building relationships with every door that’s stuck or opener that is broken. When you are satisfied with our work then we will see you again and we will hear from your neighbors when you say that we did a good job. Our business –our livelihood relies on us doing a good job and we take that seriously.

Mission & Purpose

Our Mission is to Do it Right, and Do it Once. Our customers rely on their garage doors and many times they don’t realize how important it is until it is broken. It is our responsibility to take care of your garage door so it takes care of you and your family. In order to fulfill that we have to be experts—be up to date on all new products and machinery so that we can not only sell them but also maintain and
service them so they last.

“We succeed when our customers are satisfied and happy. We believe in Karma and we reap what we sow.”

– Shuki Ram

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

We are a Family Business.  Shuki originally started working as a garage door technician and Betty has an MBA in business and experience with business development and formation.  Together they decided to form a garage door repair business to serve the needs of local NJ home and business owners.

John Hoyos is our Installation Team Leader.  He previously worked for a garage door distributor before becoming an installer.  He is an expert in all things garage doors.

Shuki’s son, Yosi, also works as a Technical-Associate. Shuki has the technical skill and Betty has the business acumen.  Together with their technicians they make Professional Garage Door Service.

Owner: Shuki Ram

Owner: Shuki Ram

Service Manager

Shuki worked as a mechanical engineer his whole life and has a broad, lengthy technical background. He has fixed everything from cars, as a licensed mechanic, to electricity and commercial kitchens before working with garage doors, about 10 years ago. As long as he is working with his hands and solving technical problems he is happy.

Betty Davis

Betty Davis

Owner/Business Management



Official Mascot


Frequently Asked Questions

What does R-Value mean?

R-Value is a measurement of how well your garage door is insulated and keeps heat in and cold out.  The higher the R-Value the better your door is at maintaining the temperature of your garage.

How much does a new door cost?

There are many doors on the market with different styles, different sizes and varying r-values.  There are so many choices involved in choosing a garage door.   Do you want windows?  Or a special color?  The price really depends on your budget and how much you would like to invest in a new door.  Feel free to contact us for a free estimate and we can go over your options to find a door that matches you and your budget.

My garage door goes up a few inches and then stops, what’s wrong?

It could be something with the spring system or it could also be the motor.  The springs hold the weight of the door and the motor raises and lowers the door.  To avoid causing further damage please call us directly and we will be happy to help.

I lost power in my house.  How can I open my door?

In the majority of homes you have a red string that is extending from the rail on the ceiling that holds the opener.  Pull the red string with one hand and with the other hand lift the door manually.

What is the warranty for a new door?

Garage doors come with a manufacturers warranty of 10-years plus we guarantee our work

If I want to replace my garage door, do I have to change my motor too?

No.  Most openers will work on a new door also.  It depends on if you would like to upgrade and get the latest and greatest.  Like with all technology, openers are coming with more bells and whistles now too.  So, no, you don’t have to but you may want to.

When I hit the wall button to close the door, the door goes down but when it reaches 5” from the floor, it goes back up.  What’s wrong?

The majority of the time the problem lays with the photo-eyes.  They are located on either side of the track near the bottom.  Right about 5” from the floor.  Make sure that nothing is blocking them and the light is on.  They are supposed to be in-line, facing each other and the light should be solid.  For more info, please contact us.

I can open the door with the remote only when I am close to the garage.  What’s wrong?

A lot of the time this is because you may have too strong of a lightbulb in the opener.  The strong light creates a reflection which blocks the signal from reaching the antenna.  Garage Door Opener manufacturers recommend a maximum strength of 40 watts for your opener.


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